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Don’t miss the Prologue – it will knock your socks off.
-Coloradoan Book Review

Couldn’t put it down until I finished. Good job - and Semper Fi on getting the tone of the Marine in the story.
-David L.

I think you’re right on with the Concern theory – I call it the New World Order.
-Duffy Z.

Haven't read good biker fiction like this in years. Keep up the good work.

I’ve been reading non-fiction books and this book was a breath of fresh air.
-Mark B.


Sample Chapters

The Rise and Fall of the Concern

“Power corrupts - and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

World War II witnessed international devastation and loss of life. It also brought incredible wealth and power to those who controlled the money for the war machinery.

A small group of financiers in America, Britain, and Switzerland acquired significant influence in the world economy during the war. They were smart and ruthless men who did not desire to relinquish this power as the war drew to a close.

These men held a secret meeting in Switzerland before the end of the war in Europe . Their organizer, a prominent American banker, shared his views of history with the attentive group. He suggested the idea that throughout history governments failed because their leaders were visible, and that people dissatisfied with their governments could remove their visible leaders.

This charismatic figure suggested to the assembled group that they should create a new form of government invisible to the world. This invisible government would control the....Read more.

Anger builds in the year 2019…

It was getting so that a good ole boy couldn't get by anymore! First they took my Harley -and then they took my truck. I was madder than hell I'd lost my freedom and was now a slave. Something had to change - and soon…!

The old San Francisco was no more since the Guardians took power during the Regional Wars. It was dark and smelled like death. A smell I once knew in Vietnam . There were dead bodies hung on crosses all over the City. Burnt out buildings and demolished cars were everywhere. It all happened so quickly! The world plunged into madness during the Regional Wars when civil wars broke out everywhere. Technology shut off and the power grids went down. Everything became basic survival very fast. It was a broken world.

Before the Regional Wars the underground media tried telling everyone a powerful secret...Read more.

Duke the Barbarian

I’d lived in this old house in North Beach for a long time now.
It was small and quite the dump but suited my basic needs.
The landlord charged me cheap rent because he never had to
fix anything on this wreck. I took care of it. Most importantly—
it had a small garage with everything I needed to work on
bikes—including my beer fridge. But there was no dependable
power now to run the fridge and booze of any kind was hard
to come by. I got what little I had by trading with the
Guardians. I got used to drinking warm beer again. That was
too reminiscent of Nam.

There was a large box in the corner of the garage where
everyone would throw their empty beer cans. With all the bikers
who spent time here tweaking on their machines I was able
to throw a party every year with the money from the recycled
cans. It became known as “JC’s Annual Beer Can Recycling
Party.” Those were the good ole days that would never be seen
again as long as I stayed in the City.

While I thought about my plans I started work on the Super
Glide. First I checked the fluids and all the seals. I found some
used but low mileage plugs...Read more.




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