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One great read and WOW what a book! If you are into any type of biker fiction, or just want a good story to read, this is the book. The story line is fantastic. I would recommend this book to anyone in need of a great story. A thrilling adventure filled with exciting characters. Buy it now and let your adventure begin!!
-Tom K.

As the characters evolved their soul, decisiveness, and mission quickly flushed them out and lured you into their lives and this moment in time.
-L. Browning

What a great book - you are held captivated throughout the entire story.
-Janet C.

Wow!!! What a story. It was very interesting and entertaining to the end.
-John H.

You've written a real whiz-bang novel!
-David H.

An exciting story unfolds for you...

A run up the Coast CoverThis action adventure - set in a post-technology anarchic future - will keep you savoring the excitement until the last mile is ridden!

Is there an invisible government controlling us? Are the political conspiracies in this story unfolding around us daily? What would life be like after the plug is pulled on the power grids and the Internet? Will you be one of the survivors in this new and frightening world?

Come with us and join JC on his daring run for freedom up the coast  experience the danger and meet the many colorful characters he encounters along the way. Will you know who to trust?

Is freedom just an illusion? Or something won only through significant personal sacrifice. You will get to answer this important question for yourself as you read this thriller.

Check your weapons and saddle up - its time to ride.

A Run Up The Coast...

In 2018 people revolt against the Concern a powerful secret international organization who is the true supremacy behind most industrial governments. The Regional Wars follow when power grids and technology shut down all over the globe. World order disintegrates into chaos and anarchy.

In San Francisco a ruthless group the Guardians seize power and turn the city into a feudal state where you either serve or die. JC a Vietnam veteran biker decides to make a perilous run for freedom up the coast road to join the New Society in Northern California.

How will he avoid the Guardian patrols?

Can he keep his old Harley running?

Will the people he meets on his risky journey
be friend or foe?

Is freedom worth dying for?

Can he kill again to protect his own life?

Is freedom just an illusion?




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